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Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Cagliari stands on an archaeological area of 51.000 sqm between the Roman Amphitheater, the Orto dei Cappuccini (Capuchin Garden) and the so-called Villa di Tigellio, an archaeological area housing the remains of some Roman domus and Thermal Baths of the same period.
In the Garden there are some greenhouses dedicated to the collections, two of which including succulent species (Serra Martinoli and Serra Syrbe) and a recent tropical greenhouse. Worthy of mention are also the Grotta Gennari (Gennari Cave), the Vasca a Trifoglio, , the Cava romana (Roman quarry) and the Biodiversity Conservation Centre (CCB) located on the left side of the garden, the raised promenade, the Sardinian Germplasm Bank (BG-SAR) and the Botanical Museum (MBK) on the right side. Most of the species are grouped together in an area of the Garden called “Palmeto” where we have tried to recreate the habitat of an oasis using the recirculation of water from the Vasca Trifoglio.
By Desert” we define the sector of the Botanical Garden for the exposure of succulent species outdoors. In the same sector two sub-sectors can be distinguished, that of plants of African origin and that relating to neotropical flora. In addition to these sectors, there are two cold greenhouses (Serra Syrbe and Serra Martinoli) dedicated to succulent plants.
The Garden of Simples (l’Orto dei Semplici) also known as Herb Garden, was designed to house the officinal plants (the simple ones) widely used in popular tradition and most effective according the modern herbal science.

The Botanical Garden, located in Viale Sant’Ignazio da Laconi 11, is open all year long at the following opening hours:


    From Tuesday to Sunday: from 9:00am to 6:00pm
    Closed on Monday
    Guided tours by appointment (min. 10 people), holidays and weekdays (Monday included)
    From Tuesday to Sunday: from 9:00am to 2:00pm
    Closed on Monday


  • Entrance – €4.00 (full price ticket) – €2.00 (reduced-price ticket)
  • Entrance + guided tour of the Garden €6.00 (full price ticket) €3.00 (reduced-price ticket )
  • Entrance + guided tour of the Garden and the Museum €8.00 (full price ticket) €4.00 (reduced-price ticket)
  • Entrance + guided tour of the Garden, Museum and Germplasm Bank €10.00 (full price ticket) €5.00 (reduced-price price)
  • FREE ENTRANCE: 1. Children under 6 years old;

Download here the guide of the Botanical Garden of Cagliari in .pdf format